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What to do in an urological emergency?

If you suspect a urological emergency and require urgent advice during normal working hours please ring us directly at North London Urology on 0207 042 1790 and we will make the necessary arrangements for a consultation the same day and admission to a nearby private hospital if required.

Blood in the Urine

Blood in the urine may be a sign of many problems ranging from a simple urinary tract infection, to a tumour. if the blood is heavy and looks like red wine, a catherter is usually necessary to wash the blood out and prevent is from clotting inside the bladder. This can easily be managed at a private hospital.

Renal Colic

One of the most common urological emergencies is renal colic. This is the acute severe pain produced by a kidney stone as it passes throught the thin muscular pipe which drains urine from the kidney to the bladder. The pain may or may not come in waves, and may move to the groin or other areas of the abdomen. Treatment for this pain involves an emergency CT scan to determine the precise location of the stone, and to exclude other causes, and strong painkillers which are most appropriately administered in hospital. Some stones can be left to pass, others require surgical intervention in the form of lithotripsy or laser surgery.


For patients with private medical insurance we will invoice your insurer directly, our fees are accepted by all insurance companies, and there will be no excess payment.
We welcome self-paying patients, please ring for fees. The cost of investigations will be additional, and depend on the host hospital. All fees will be made clear before any investigation is arranged.


North London Urology is a private medical practice. We are recognised by all health insurance companies and adhere to their fee maxima. We welcome self- paying patients, and do not require a GP referral letter. If you have a GP letter, however, please bring it along. North London Urology is supported by a professional practice management service that provides an accessible, personal and friendly point of call for patients during their pathway, and who are expert at dealing with insurance company queries. If you require any further information, please contact us by email or telephone.

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