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Erectile Dysfunction

Problems with erections are very common and often easily treated. The principles of management are to diagnose and treat any causative systemic diseases, identify any reversible precipitating factors such as smoking, and identify cardiovascular risk status as erectile dysfunction may be a precursor to heart disease. This involves a detailed consultation and a few blood tests. There are many treatments available and these will be discussed and tailored to the patients requirements.

Sometimes the problem is a bend in the penis when erect, this is usually associated with the development of a lump of scar tissue in the penis which prevents the penis from expanding on that side resulting in curvature. This is called Peyronies disease and unfortunately there is no treatment proven to influence the course of the disease. Management involves confirming the diagnosis then waiting for the bend to stabilise. If the end result is unsatisfactory there are a number of surgical procedures that may correct it.

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