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Urinary tract infections

Urinary tract infections are common in certain population groups. Some infections need no investigation and when isolated may be considered harmless, in other clinical circumstances urinary infections can be serious and a sign of significant disease of the bladder or kidneys.

Cystitis generally refers to the symptoms of pain when passing urine and urinary frequency, and may be accompanied by feeling tired or unwell, smelly urine and sometimes blood in the urine. Cystitis is far more common in women than men, and when isolated in young women may safely be treated by your GP with a short course of antibiotics. Recurrent infections may require further investigation with an ultrasound and sometimes a cystoscopy. Urinary tract infections in men may be an indication of bladder outflow obstruction, prostate disease, stones or tumours and investigation with cross-sectional imaging and a cystoscopy is advised. Infiections with bleeding require further investigation.

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